Kaki Spain, Persimmon Spain, Spanish Fruit

Production, marketing and export of fruits from Spain. Kaki with Certified Quality!


Blasco Fruit specialises in the production and marketing of Kaki fruit, mainly Persimmon (Kaki) and Kaki Tomatero. Our Kaki is certified with the highest quality standards, ensuring the best service under the most stringent controls during the entire production.


Blasco fruit specialises in the production and marketing of different stone fruits, including the Nectarine. This fruit is marketed from May to July and is distinguished for being a refreshing and very healthy fruit. We have a wide range of varieties.


The apricots attractive orange colour along with the pleasant aroma and their sweet taste, make it one of the favourite fruits during the summer season. Blasco Fruit produces and markets a wide number of varieties.

Blasco Fruit