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A large number of varieties are grown throughout the world. The colour of the skin may vary from bright red to orange and the flesh may or may not be attached to the stone. Also white or yellow flesh Nectarine.



The Nectarine season is from April to July. Click here to see the Season Calender.

Blasco Fruit offers a wide range of stone fruits, including nectarine; always in line with the quality policy and meeting the Global Gap standards right from harvesting until the arrival at final destination.

We offer a wide range of varieties depending on the time of the season.




At Blasco Fruit, we offer different formats adapted to our customer needs.

nectarine wooden packing

50×30 cm Wooden box, AAA – D Calibres.

nectarine cardbord 500 gr. packing

60×40 cm Carton box with 500 gr baskets.

nectarine cardbord 1Kg. packing

60×40 cm Carton box with 1 kilo baskets.

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Properties of Nectarine:

Nectarine is one of the fleshy fruit’s that has the highest vitamin B3 content. This vitamin helps in the metabolism of nutrients, boosting cholesterol degradation and therefore, helps to reduce the level in blood.