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Blasco Fruit

Hermanos Blasco Cáceres S.L., is engaged in the production, marketing and export of fruits from Spain under certified quality.

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Hermanos Blasco Cáceres S.L. is engaged in production, marketing and exportation of Spanish fruit under certified quality.

We are established in Spain, the world’s largest Kaki producing region.

Blasco Fruit as a long tradition of exports which has led us to export 90% of our Persimmon (Kaki) and stone fruit production.

Blasco Fruit provides its customers top-quality service, ensuring continuous and regular supply of our Kakis and stone fruit, and is able to supply sufficient quantities of Kakis until the end of harvesting season and all this with the guarantee of our Global Gap Certification.


Fruit Production:

  • Persimmon (Kaki), y
  • Springtime products: Apricot, Nectarine, Peach and Doughnut Peach.


The stone fruits and Persimmon (kaki) of Blasco Fruit meet the highest quality standards, as a result, numerous companies both in Spain as well as in quite a number of countries worldwide have placed their trust in us.


Blasco Fruit has customers in:

  • Europe
  • Asia, and
  • America

Our Quality Policy

At Hermanos Blasco Cáceres, S.L., we take care of our product quality and the entire process from the farms to final markets. This is why we obtained the GLOBALGAP food quality certificate which recognises the good work and the traceability control of products We also have implemented the HACCP system at our processing centre for the control of critical points. We believe that commitment to quality at the workplace benefits everyone. Every year we also review our Occupational Health and Safety System.