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Blasco Fruit has own farmlands for growing Kaki that ensures integrated management of Kaki cultivation process that allows us to offer and guarantee the best quality Kaki during the most part of the year.

Spain is the number one producer of kakis in the world and Blasco Fruit is established in the main Kaki producing area of Spain.
Blasco Fruits specialises in the cultivation, production and marketing of different kaki varieties, among which the bright red kaki or better known as Persimmon (kaki) stands out.


Our kaki production season is from October to February depending on the harvest conditions. Click here to see the Season Calender.



At Blasco Fruit, we offer different formats adapted to our customer needs.

kaki wooden packing
50×30 cm Wooden box with from 26 to 12 calibre fruits per box.
kaki cardbord packing 30x40
40×30 cm Carton box with from 18 to 12 caliber fruits per box.
kaki cardbord packing 60x40
60×40 cm Carton box with from 37 to 33 caliber fruits per box.

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Properties of Persimmon (Kaki):

Kaki fruit has many properties, it has significant amounts of carbohydrates (glucose and fructose), pectin and mucilage (soluble fibre). It is also an excellent source of pro-vitamin A and vitamin C and also has potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium and small amounts of phosphorus and sodium. It is good for vision and the growth and development of bones. It is an antioxidant and helps intestinal transit. It is anti-carcinogenic, ideal for pregnant woman, people suffering from stress and hypertension.