Kaki Spain, Persimmon Spain, Spanish Fruit




Blasco Fruit in continuous improvement, wants to achieve the highest quality in all its products and services. Therefore we perform quality checks mainly benefit our customers by presenting some khakis and stone fruit, perfect quality always under the gaze of our Global Gap certificate.

We made several quality controls throughout the life of persimmon (kaki), from his care in the field. The quality controls that carries at Blasco Fruit with Global Gap, begins with identifying suitable fields, traceability of plant material, field sampling plan, multi-residue analysis, verification of waste; Risk control of pests and weeds, phytosanitary treatments, review of HACCP, quality control of drinking water, cleaning and disinfection plan, training plan, control maintenance of facilities and equipment, control of raw materials and suppliers, maintenance control of the cold chain; verification of existing legislation; camera control, control of product quality, load control and traceability to destination.
In quality control we take very encuenta staff training for inspection and accurate classification of what you need is made and asks each client; this is reflected in our brands classified by categories.

Once we have the best qualified product, keep playing and have a proper maintenance, to guarantee a smooth arrival at destination. For this once completed the creation of a measurement brix is performed to determine the sweetness of our stone fruit and persimmon (kaki) is controlled to be in the allowable values. control by measuring the hardness of our quality Kakis still, this is verified with penetrómeto, a table of allowed values is used to take for good production. This control is critical for determining the durability of our Kaki and determines the travel time can bear.
Last but not least a temperature control when entering into each chamber is made, and the time of departure; with this has been verified that adequate cooling. An inspection of an outside firm, found that our controls are correct and performs the same procedure at the time of the charges in order to ensure the smooth start of the cold chain.