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High quality control with GlobalGap in Blasco Fruit

Controls that carries a Kaki GlobalGap, identifying suitable fields, traceability of plant material, field sampling plan, multi-residue analysis, verification of waste; Risk control of pests and weeds, phytosanitary treatments, review of HACCP, quality control of drinking water, cleaning and disinfection plan, training plan, control maintenance of facilities and equipment, control of raw materials and suppliers, maintenance control of the cold chain; verification of existing legislation; camera control, control of product quality, load control and traceability to destination.
To execute the GlobalGap Certification in Blasco Fruit we have to follow all the recommendation, also make regularly controls and throughout of the life of the tree.
As regards field controls are carried out as the Kaki is going to need, meeting specific deadlines, evaluating plots, detecting errors within the system. The GlobalGap certification establishes the need for a series of analyzes of water, soil and pesticide residues in order to verify the one hand and on the other hand growing its evolution over growth.
Soil analysis provides information on physical and chemical soil will influence subsequent behavior of Kaki features. The analysis assesses water quality, the influence on the health of the crop. And control nutrients leading to complement them with the applications on the compost.
When it comes to pest control, Blasco Fruit has set up a prevention plan; as it helps reduce this problem. And sustainably combat methods such as the use of traps that do not affect in any way our kaki persimmon and help the environment. They allow these practices greatly reduce the use of pesticides that are more aggressive for both Kaki and for the environment.
HACCP controls carried out in storage not only seek the safety of workers but the production process providing added value. Fruit Blasco we plan further training handlers, forklift drivers, avocadores, etc., to manage and treat the Kaki in the best way.
As regards the cold chain and the preservation of Kaki, Blasco Fruit guarantees a perfect start of the cold chain, as several checks are performed from the time of manufacture through the sunset provision of kaki. The controls are carried out both internally verifying each delivery the perfect conditions for freight shipping. We also make quality control, to check the temperature, to check the brix degrees (sweetness) and verify the toughness; all this to provide customer the best product and a good arrival at their final destination.