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How we select the best Kaki Persimmon in Blasco Fruit

Fruit Blasco addition to follow good agricultural practices, is a complex system of hazard analysis and critical control points within the storage. Where we take care of every detail in areas of sanitary and hygienic control. Once secured HACCP, we follow a high standard of quality to select each Kaki and provide the quality that characterizes us.

Our Kaki Persimmon as much fruit as we pack and produce, like kaki tomatero or as a stone fruit (peach, nectarine, Paraguay, apricot). we packed by three qualities for which we have created 3 brands.
Kaki BLASCO present our extra quality, also our Kaki ALTURA with first or standar quality and our quality Kaki PERSIK second.
Under these quality parameters we select the best Kaki taking into account the color, shape, marks or tenter, wounds, hardness and maturation. We have a quality department, which is constantly personnel to establish the quality parameters of Blasco Fruit.

In Blasco only offer Kaki Fruit and stone fruit of excellent quality, Kaki and certifying our GlobalGap stone fruit from pre collecting, managing soil and pesticide applications; to product handling and post harvest, packaging and storage. This guarantees the end customer access to Kaki and stone fruit produced safely and sustainably.

The handling of our kaki continues with the quality standard set by the market, as previously discussed having an extra quality without any mark or blemish. Only standard brand shows some natural brush with branches cause by the air; and quality second where they appear more marks but always under the watchful eye of our expert to always provide the same standard of quality.

Once the product is packed, we continue quality controls as regards the taste with a measure of sweetness or brix, durability control to see the endurance of Kaki and temperature control; where we provide a perfect start to the cold chain. It is a comprehensive control check to load a Kaki Blasco, Altura or Persik; arrives in the best conditions to the customer.