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Kaki Persimmon (rojo brillante)

We started season with rojo brillante Kaki Persimmon, in early October, if the weather continues with us, this will gives a lot of size or calibre.

We present Kaki rojo brillante Persimmon with the best quality ensuring the best product not only in terms of taste and appearance, but still good agricultural practices certified by Global Gap.

Kaki Persimmon present a way of ensuring optimal quality, Así brindamos al cliente un producto de gran calidad y además de seguro y sostenible.

Kaki Blasco a Global Gap is synonymous with healthy product because it meets current regulations and hazardous analysis critical control points HACCP, all the guides to good hygiene practice of horticulture; alongside comprehensive follow good agricultural practices, sustainable use of water resources, a permanent control of traceability and responsible crop protection, pest control benefits to the ecosystem, quality control, production control, packaging control, control chain cold, control logistics to delivery to the final consumer.

You can find our products describe in differents qualityes with their own trade marks or brand:

Our Extra quality packed in the box with brand BLASCO shows dedication and work experience Kaki separating the best for those more demanding markets.

Our first quality, shows a Kaki persimmon  ALTURA, with a maximum quality leaving only see a few natural marks caused by air or branches throughout his life. And our second quality box packed with our brand PERSIK shows the same quality assurance processes; and good practices but not as glossy displays or unmarked aspect. All our kakis have the Global Gap certification which supports us as a sustainable producer and high quality.

From 5 of October, you can make your orders!!

contact: importexport@blasco-fruit.com

Begginig of Season Kaki 2015-2016