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Why to buy Kaki Persimmon with Global Gap Certification

A Kaki Global Gap is synonymous with healthy product because it meets the current regulations of hazard analysis and critical control points HACCP, all the guides to good hygiene practice of horticulture; alongside comprehensive follow good agricultural practices, sustainable use of water resources, a permanent control of traceability and responsible crop protection, pest control benefits to the ecosystem, quality control, production control, packaging control, control chain cold, control logistics to delivery to the final consumer.
We offer from Blasco Fruit, Kaki and stone fruit of excellent quality, certifying our kakis from the pre collection, managing soil and pesticide applications; to product handling and post harvest, packaging and storage. This guarantees the final customer access to Kaki and stone fruit produced safely and sustainably.
A Kaki Global Gap is also the result of a lot of dedication and attention to the product; using only standard that identifies safe production methods and guarantees 100% food safety. It’s like a Kaki without certification loses its value, having no strict control on every procedure and good practice throughout his life; makes the supply chain in uncertain and doubtful. With our six years we have the necessary certification to meet all standards, processes and requirements set from Global Gap experience; and also follow all the recommendations of the Ministry of Agriculture in compliance with national and European regulations. And even going further, as we fulfill certain requirements of large well-known surfaces to be far stricter than many common scales laid down by the European Community level.
Es por todo esto que nuestros compradores recibirán en cada una de sus cargas un Kaki Blasco Global Gap, que brinda la seguridad de que el cliente final tenga en su mesa un producto en perfectas condiciones.
For all of this is why our buyers receive in each load a Kaki Blasco with Global Gap Certification, which provides assurance that the end customer has on his desk a product in perfect condition.