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Spain: “Persimmon prices expected to rise”

Entrevista de José Luis, de Blasco Fruit por FreshPlaza.com.

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Persimmons are said to be one of the fruits of the season due to an increase in their demand. “It is considered an exotic fruit, but it has become ‘fashionable’ in some export markets,” affirms José Luis Blasco, manager of Hermanos Blasco Cáceres S.L., a persimmon exporter.

José Luis appears to be very satisfied with the current campaign, which is currently at its peak and will finish in late January. “The expected goals are being reached.”

This fruit’s production increases every season, although the rise has been sharper this year. “Our production has increased by 20% this year,” says Antonio Blasco, production manager of Hermanos Blasco Cáceres S.L.

Although demand is high, the ever-rising increase in supply has caused prices to go down, although prospects for the coming weeks are good. “We expect prices to rise next week due to the bad weather we have had lately, because not much fruit has been harvested. We believe that prices will rise and will readjust the balance between supply and demand,” explains José Luis.
Hermanos Blasco Cáceres S.L. was present at the recent Fruit Attraction 2012, which turned out to be a positive experience.

“It has been really positive,” explains Marlene Rivas, exports and marketing manager. “We have entered a few new markets with our Blasco brand and reinforced markets where we were already present.”